a man looking out wondering what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy and How Does It Help You?

You’re experiencing emotional problems lately, and you need the know what is psychotherapy and the different ways that it can help you recover. This treatment option can help those with addictions and those who simply have emotional problems. So you may want to consider this care for yourself or addiction treatment for a loved one if this…

a man wondering what is emdr

What is EMDR? A Guide for Your Needs

Trauma is never a comfortable experience. For many people, it can cause life-changing problems taking years or even decades to fix. Therefore, you need to understand what is EMDR and how it can help you manage your trauma. Unfortunately, trauma may also cause addiction if left untreated. As a result, you may want to try addiction treatment…

a woman learning coping skills

The Impact of Maladaptive Coping Skills: Change the Way You Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety plays a large role in most addictions. When you feel anxious, you may self-medicate to make yourself feel better. This is an example of maladaptive coping skills. Whether you take a calming sip of scotch or pop a prescription painkiller, either may start you down the road to a substance use disorder. If you suffer…

group of people sitting at the best mental health treatment centers in Orlando

Find the Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Orlando

Mental health treatment can give you the hope you need. If the challenges of living with a mental health disorder are challenging, help is available. The best mental health treatment centers in Orlando understand that mental health is involved. It takes a variety of treatment methods to find the best results. From traditional individual therapy…

group of people standing around talking about essential core values to guide recovery

Are There Core Values to Guide Recovery?

Many people struggling with the disease of addiction never get help. Unfortunately, these people either end up losing their lives or having their lifetime stolen by the disease, often spending their days confined in jail cells or institutions. With the help of Promises Five Palms mental health treatment program, 12-step programs, and other recovery tools…