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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for a Client

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If you are looking for mental health and addiction treatment for a client with anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, finding a program for dual-diagnosis is important. At Promises Five Palms, we provide addiction treatment programs focused on mental health and wellness, which can lead to substance abuse treatment for addiction as needed. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, roughly half of those diagnosed with a mental health disorder also deal with addiction at some point. There is a clear link between mental health disorders and the increased potential for substance abuse issues.

Co-Occurring Disorders and Treatment

women searching for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for a ClientTherapy for co-occurring disorders, or dual diagnosis, begins with a careful assessment. Working with a therapist to address your specific mental health needs, we begin developing a treatment plan specifically for you. Getting to the root cause of your suffering takes a methodical approach. Through talking with you and assessing your needs, a therapist designs a treatment plan for you to follow. A substance abuse treatment plan may include:

  • Expressive therapies such as art wordlessly exploring thoughts and emotions.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy addressing negative thought patterns helping you build a more positive outlook.
  • Group therapies such as anger management, trauma support, and educational groups where you learn about the impact of mental health disorders.
  • Addiction workshops if you need support in 12-step recovery methods.

When you no longer can manage your mental health on your own, it’s time to get the support you need. Promises Five Palms is a safe environment allowing you to heal.

Trauma-Focused Mental Health Treatment

Addiction treatment for a client in a trauma-focused mental health facility is secondary, but still an important part of the recovery process. In residential care for PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other personality disorders, treatment is supportive and looks to establish healthier ways to cope with the stress of day to day life. Trauma-focused treatment:

  • Emphasizes healthy coping skills to foster better choices
  • Focuses on creating a more balanced life through mindfulness, stress reduction, and support
  • Facilitates the expression of feelings and thoughts both verbally and non-verbally
  • Encourages growth through spiritual and emotional support

When mental health needs are being met, it’s possible to take a good look at patterns of behavior and learn new coping skills.

Mental Health Treatment and Medication

Mental health treatment and psychiatric services addressing medication needs are often necessary. Medication can be an essential tool when helping individuals manage mental health needs. When addiction treatment for a client is provided, a consultation with a psychiatrist often occurs examining if medication will be of assistance. Medication can improve the chemical makeup of the brain, making it easier to manage symptoms and gain control. Also, medication can be used long-term in those struggling with depression and on an as-needed basis for panic attacks. Everyone’s medication needs are different.
Talk to your counselor if you are concerned about your mental health needs and feel like medication can be helpful. You may have tried medication in the past without success. But a careful assessment with a psychiatrist can help determine if a different medication is a better option for you. Get the support you need in your recovery from a psychiatrist.

Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Now

Whether searching for mental health, addiction treatment for a client struggling with depression, or needing better mental health management for yourself, Promises Five Palms is ready to help. Contact us today at 1.844.675.1022 to take back your life from anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders now.

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