Florida Women’s Addiction Treatment Program

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At Five Palms in Ormond Beach, FL, we have a specialized Florida women’s addiction treatment program design to help those experiencing both trauma and addiction. Sometimes, events from your past are so painful, you find other ways to deal with the stress and discomfort. With the help of our licensed professionals and dedicated counselors, you can face your past and let it go. That’s the first step to building a better tomorrow.

women bringing their hands together at a womens addiction treatment programFlorida Women’s Addiction Treatment Program

You can rely on our experienced therapists to guide your journey to recovery. With plenty of love and support, our Florida women’s addiction treatment program focuses on mastering life skills that help you maintain sobriety and drug-free living. Additionally, we want you to get to know yourself, to see your own beauty and strength so that you can resist the temptation to relapse.

The women in our care concentrate on facing and overcoming traumatic events from their past. Often, these events can weigh you down. It may even be the original trigger for your alcohol or substance abuse disorder. So, it only makes sense that the first step in recovery includes unpacking uncomfortable memories in order to understand them and prevent them from denying you the future you deserve.

Different Needs of Men and Women in Rehab

You may be wondering why we have a separate Florida women’s addiction treatment program. Women and men have very different needs when it comes to recovery from trauma and addiction. That’s why we focus on gender-specific therapy for men and women.

Our Florida women’s addiction treatment program creates a safety net where women can be comfortable among their peers. In Group therapy, clients can empower one another and feel free to express gender-specific concerns. For women, this may include women’s health issues and childcare.

If you’re a woman over 18 looking to take the first step toward recovery, we can help, At Five Palms, our well-thought-out Florida women’s addiction treatment program that also caters to your individual situation.

Trauma-Focused Treatment

We create a soothing environment where women can heal. Whether you’re suffering from PTSD and trauma alone or combined with substance abuse disorders, Five Palms’ Florida women’s addiction treatment program was designed with you in mind. We specialize in the following types of trauma recovery:

As one of our clients, we treat your specific condition. That may be trauma alone or a co-occurring condition such as anxiety or depression. Of course, we also treat substance abuse as well as process addictions resulting from traumatic events. Often, the best approach is to treat mental health and substance abuse issues side by side since they often overlap.

Meet Us Where You Are

We don’t expect you to have all the answers when you come to our Florida women’s addiction treatment program. Our therapist and staff are here to help you learn about the triggers for your behaviors. Then, you can learn valuable life skills to cope with your past trauma and overcome your substance abuse disorders.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Program in Florida

Heal your body and mind together in a compassionate environment with caring staff and therapies ready to show their love and commitment to your recovery. Whatever happened in the past is best dealt with in a serene and sober setting. You don’t have to face the memories alone. Contact us at 1.844.675.1022 today to learn more about our comprehensive approach to healing. We’re as excited as you are to see who emerges when you shed the yoke of substance abuse and begin to look forward to a bright future that’s no longer held back by the past.

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