Men’s Addiction Treatment Program

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A Florida mens addiction treatment program is focused on the unique elements that men bring to the table. The staff and services involved in this type of program assist men in understanding how their experiences connect with substance abuse. This is done in a manner that empowers men by giving them the tools they need to regain control of their lives again.

a man with his head in his hands upset at a mens addiction treatment programWhat’s Involved In A Florida Mens Addiction Treatment Program?

The best Florida mens addiction treatment program includes research-based elements that have been proven to be effective. In addition, an individualized approach to substance use disorder treatment ensures that each man is receiving the services he needs in order to recover.

Comprehensive care is vital in providing the continuity that many men need to stay sober. Providing men with the skills they need to prevent a relapse helps to ensure that they have long-term success.

A dual diagnosis treatment program provides men with the support and treatment they need if they are struggling with a mental health issue, such as PTSD, anxiety, or mood disorders, along with substance use disorder. An assessment of their mental health is typically part of a man’s initial assessment when he is entering treatment. In the event that his mental issues have not been diagnosed previously, this step can often occur at that time. This allows him to receive the dual diagnosis treatment he needs to assist him in his recovery.

Services Offered

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the ideal Florida mens addiction treatment program that suits every man. In addition, there is often not a single treatment option that fulfills the needs of each man. Most substance use treatment plans include a combination of therapies that are designed to meet each of those needs. These include the following:

The exact combination of therapies that are offered to a man in treatment differs according to his unique needs compared to our Florida womens addiction treatment program.

Promises Five Palms

Men can experience a number of barriers that can keep them from being able to effectively address their use of drugs and/or alcohol. By combining different aspects of treatment, such as counseling, peer mentoring, medication-assisted treatment, and other resources, a comprehensive treatment plan that helps men develop healthy coping skills can be developed.

Because their family is of critical importance to many men, as well as a crucial source of support, engaging in family therapy sessions is typically recommended. By doing so, the man is able to address any relationship issues that might exist. In addition, the therapist can provide suggestions and guidance to help family members support the man as he continues his recovery.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness training allow a man to examine his actions to particular situations and change his reactions. For example, instead of becoming stressed about something that is beyond his control, a man might use the mindfulness training he learned to quell his anxiety and recenter his thoughts. This allows him to then focus his efforts and attention on possible solutions to the issue at hand.

Five Palms provides a serene and relaxing setting where men can let their worries fade. Instead, they can simply focus on learning how to enjoy life. No longer relying on drugs and/or alcohol as a way of coping or having a good time. We provide a caring and supportive environment where the acceptance of each man is paramount. Learn more about how we can help by calling us today at 1.844.675.1022.

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