Person living with PTSD and self-harm

Coping With PTSD Through Self-Harm

Coping With PTSD Through Self-Harm Self-harm isn’t uncommon, especially among adolescents. The National Center for PTSD notes that an estimated 2-6% of people in the general public have engaged in self-harming behaviors and 13-35% of students. Rates are higher among people with mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Common self-harming behaviors are cutting,…

Facing the Truth of Self-Harm

Dangerous Coping Mechanisms: Facing the Truth of Self-Harm

Self-harm, also called self-injury, is the practice of intentionally hurting yourself. Individuals can injure themselves in various ways, including cutting, burning, hitting, piercing and pulling out hair. It’s not uncommon, especially for teens and young adults. A large study by the University of Portland of more than 64,000 U.S. high school students found that almost…

What is Bipolar Disorder 2

What is Bipolar Disorder 2?

People with bipolar disorder have swings in their moods that are more intense and often more frequent than usual. There are four types of bipolar disorder, and sometimes people mistakenly believe that bipolar disorder 2 is just a milder version of bipolar 1. However, they’re separate conditions with similar but differing diagnostic criteria. The moods…

3 Reasons Why Low Cost Treatment isn’t Lacking Promises Five Palms

3 Reasons Why Low-Cost Treatment isn’t Lacking

It’s easy to start believing that luxury addiction treatment is better than lower-cost treatment because marketers and advertisers of all types are continually trying to convince us that expensive and high quality is the same thing, but this simply isn’t the case. Low-cost addiction treatment doesn’t mean low-quality care; it often means the opposite because…


You Don’t Need Luxury Treatment to Find Healing

  What do you actually need when treating mental health and substance use disorders? Is luxury treatment essential? By definition, it isn’t. Part of Merriam Webster’s definition of luxury is something that’s not necessary.   In the world of addiction treatment, luxury is sometimes just another word for expensive, but expensive doesn’t mean more effective.…