family hugging on couch knowing the stages of addiction recovery

Stages of Addiction Recovery

In 2018, over 21 million Americans needed treatment because of their substance use disorder, whether to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a chronic disease. Thus, the healing process takes time. Addiction is complex. It involves both physical and psychological elements. Because of this, the stages of addiction recovery will be different for every person. Yet…

woman on couch asking therapist what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

When an individual struggles with substance use disorder, they need a variety of treatment to help them overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Therapy is one of the ways treatment facilities like Promises Five Palms help individuals heal. However, you may wonder just what is psychotherapy? Many people have misconceptions about therapy. It prevents…

couple with therapist, benefits of a family program

Benefits of A Family Program

In both mental health and drug/ alcohol treatment, specialists talk about the benefits of a family program. Addiction is rarely a disease that only affects one person. Family members may even play a role in the continuation of addiction. At Promises Five Palms, it’s important to us to involve family in mental health and substance abuse…