woman with Anxiety Disorders on a dock

What Are the Different Types of Anxiety Disorders?

There are many different types of anxiety disorders. And, by understanding the variations among these forms can help you to appreciate the need for specialized mental health treatment programs. While all forms are serious mental illnesses, they have specific causes and symptoms. The need for treatment of all anxiety disorders, though, is essential to help…

woman sitting on bed worried about Loved One with Depression

Knowing When a Loved One with Depression Needs Help

Depression is a serious psychological condition that goes beyond lingering feelings of sadness. However, too often, people with depression don’t get the help they need because their loved ones don’t recognize the severity of their problem. If you think you have a loved one with depression, learn the signs to find out if they need…

woman with back turned to Loved One with Anxiety

What to Do If You Have a Loved One with Anxiety

Having a loved one with anxiety can feel confusing and infuriating. You may not understand why they do some things. Fortunately, there are people who understand those suffering from anxiety. In fact, mental health treatment programs can help your loved one to learn strategies to handle their anxious thoughts and break free of their intense…

woman stretching coping with isolation during coronavirus

How Are You Coping With Isolation During Coronavirus?

Isolation is taking a toll on the collective mental health of our society. This is where perception is paramount. Social media proclaims that people are taking advantage of this exorbitant amount of time. They are investing in their physical health, the cleanliness of their home, de-cluttering years of refuse, and the like. This is a…

woman surfing the internet in kitchen coping with loneliness during quarantine

Many Are Coping With Loneliness During Quarantine

Everyone suffers from loneliness from time to time. However, many are experiencing loneliness more intensely and more often than they previously have. Coping with loneliness during quarantine is a factor, by and large for everyone. If we are still in the workplace, chances are the workforce is diminished. We are not seeing the people we…

woman in chair smiling Staying sober during Coronavirus

Making Sure You Are Staying Sober During Coronavirus

Staying sober during coronavirus is your ultimate goal. This is how you stay strong for yourself and your family. The return to society, once quarantine is lifted, will be dramatic depending upon where you reside in this country. Over 39 states have experienced some level of shut-down. Don’t let your stress levels reach traumatic proportions.…