If you’re looking for treatment, you may have seen something known as “CBT.” What is CBT? Short for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT is a modern and effective method of therapy. It may be found in a co-occurring disorder treatment program, as well as substance abuse treatment programs, and programs to treat mental health issues such as therapy and depression.

Here’s what you need to know about CBT and how our Florida Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program can help.

What is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program (CBT)?

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is a practical method of shaping emotions and feelings to a desirable outcome. This treatment program addresses behavioral issues or mental health issues by changing the way that people think about them, and by changing the way that they react to them emotionally.

a therapist and his patient in a cognitive behavioral therapy programMany patients react with success to a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Therapy Program, because it challenges the cognitive distortions that are underlying mental health issues. As an example, a patient who turns to drinking when depressed might need to address the thoughts that are making them depressed, and might need to refocus their thinking whenever they find themselves thinking these problematic thoughts.

Since CBT therapy shapes behavior, it uses virtually any type of treatment that’s behavior-based. And since CBT focuses on short-term solutions to problems, patients often find themselves seeing improvement almost immediately, though long-term work is needed to continue this improvement.

What is CBT For?

CBT is commonly used for disorders such as anxiety issues, depression, substance abuse problems, and communication issues. Because it is a behavioral and cognitive shaping method, it can be useful for things such as improving workplace environments. CBT is a fairly broad-spectrum treatment, and as such, can be an excellent treatment for several things.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and other quite serious issues can be treated through CBT. However, you can use CBT in conjunction with other treatments. CBT can work for personality disorders, as some report their personalities having significant changes after CBT. In general, a decrease in neurotic behaviors and an increase in more extroverted behaviors can be observed in CBT patients.

Consequently, some people who don’t feel they require general therapy may still use CBT as a way of self-improvement, and some CBT methods are available in “self-help” methods.

What does CBT Work With?

CBT can work with other forms of therapy or maybe useful with medication, for the most optimal outcomes. When you use CBT with medicine, such as depression medications and anxiety medications, it often shows better results. However, a therapist would be needed as a consultant to determine whether both are ideal.

What is CBT not useful for? Our Florida Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is usually not for people who have complex mental health issues. It’s a direct and (relatively) simple therapy process. It’s also not used for people who have learning disorders or other inabilities to focus, as it can be more difficult for them to enact the type of control over their behavior and thought processes that would be needed.

But it’s a CBT expert that would have to tell someone whether a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is truly right for them, as it’s generally decided on a case-by-case basis. An expert will look at your diagnosis to determine which treatment plans may be the most effective for you.

CBT is an effective type of therapy, and many modern health facilities provide it. If you want to know more about CBT and other treatments, you should schedule a consultation with our experts to find out if our Florida Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program is right for you. Schedule an appointment today with Five Palms by calling 1.844.675.1022.