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woman smiling after completing heroin addiction treatment programThe ongoing problem with opioid abuse has led to a rise in people needing treatment for heroin addiction. Many people who end up with a heroin addiction started with a prescription opioid problem like abusing Percocet and Vicodin. One of the side effects of continued heroin abuse is how a person’s brain chemistry changes, leading to various mental health issues. The heroin addiction treatment program at Promises Five Palms takes a comprehensive approach to treating heroin addiction that looks to manage all aspects of the disease.

Why People Turn to Heroin

People turn to heroin and other opioids for a variety of reasons. Some may receive a legitimate prescription to treat a painful medical condition. However, they find they can’t function properly during the day without using more and more of the drug. The American opioid epidemic, which for many ends with heroin use, stems from doctors prescribing overly potent opioids and opiates as painkillers. Although users may start with pills, eventually they burn through prescriptions and end up at heroin, which is cheaper than said pills.

Other people abuse heroin as a way to cope with a co-occurring mental health disorder. At first, heroin or a preceding opioid acts as a coping mechanism, which quickly becomes an addiction. For these patients, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary. Without treating the mental health disorder, a recovering user could easily relapse as a coping mechanism once again. Without treating heroin addiction, the social ills of said addiction will continue to fuel the roots of mental health disorder.

At Promises Five Palms, our heroin addiction treatment program works to understand the root cause of the dependency. Many people suffer from untreated mental health disorders that may contribute to their use of heroin and other substances.

The Effects of Heroin Addiction

Clients seeking help through a heroin addiction treatment program may be at different stages of their addiction. Some are in a state where they are still building a tolerance for the drug but can function normally from day to day. Others get to the point where their life ends up consumed by a craving for heroin. They drop everything else that once had meaning to pursue their next high.

One of the reasons heroin is so dangerous is the effect it has on brain chemistry. Those already suffering from mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and paranoia find their symptoms exacerbated by continuous heroin abuse.

It’s difficult, if not dangerous, for someone to attempt to beat addiction to any substance alone. Seeking help from a heroin addiction treatment program gives clients access to health professionals who can aid them in achieving long-lasting recovery.

Getting Help for Heroin Addiction

Promises Five Palms evaluate each client admitted to our heroin addiction treatment program to gain an understanding of where they are in their addiction. From there, we map out the best course of treatment for that person.  Our team works hard to make sure every client receives help for any underlying mental health issues that could be hampering their efforts at recovery.

Those who participate in our heroin addiction treatment program get the chance to benefit from the following therapies. Each program teaches clients how to use various tools and coping techniques to aid them in overcoming their heroin dependency:

Promises Five Palms offers each client high-quality care for substance abuse disorder. Our philosophy is to take a whole-body approach to addiction treatment. That means making sure each client receives an individualized care path built to give them the best chance of success at living an addiction-free life.

Call Promises Five Palms at 1.844.675.1022 or contact us online to learn more about our heroin addiction treatment program. It’s never too late to turn your life around.

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