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a woman and her therapist at a individual therapy programIndividual therapy plays a big role in drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Florida. Through an individual therapy program, clients identify faulty thinking. They learn to recognize negative thoughts and feelings that are causing difficulty. As a result, they’re able to re-direct these thoughts in ways that build confidence up, instead of tearing it down. If you struggle with low self-esteem, feelings of low self-worth, or substance use disorder, Promises Five Palms, in Ormond Beach, FL can change your life for the better.

Individual Therapy Program to Treat Cognitive Distortions

During an individual therapy program, clients talk with a licensed therapist to explore the issues that trouble them. This is called psychotherapy. It’s a form of conversational counseling that’s non-invasive, yet highly effective. During an individual therapy session, you’ll sit in a comfortable space that feels calm and safe. You’ll talk with a therapist who will lead you to explore and examine your approaches to life.

As a result, you’ll work to uncover mental and emotional obstacles, or cognitive distortions, that are blocking you. These may include:

Magical Thinking

Magical thinking occurs when you believe unreasonable things will happen because of this or that. A good example is believing that the bus is going to break down today because you’re on it or believing that if you don’t touch the doorknob five times, something very bad will happen. Magical thinking may lead to unrelenting feelings of guilt or remorse. Believing that if only you had acted differently, or done this or that, your divorce would not have happened, or your loved one would still be alive, or your child would never have used drugs.

Irrational Thinking

Irrational thinkers expect unreasonable things from the people they love, the people they work for and work with, and society in general. They put average people and circumstances on pedestals and then expect them to remain there forever. Consequently, clients who suffer from irrational thoughts experience a lot of disappointment out of life. They may also have issues with anger management.


Catastrophizing is a form of negative thinking that urges you to expect the worst out of every situation. For instance, if you miss the bus today, you’ll be late to work, the boss will know you’re irresponsible, he’ll tell the whole office, and everyone will hate you.


People who engage in filtering tend to remove the good aspects of a situation and magnify the negative ones. This is also referred to as minimization and magnification. Clients may minimize their own accomplishments and successes while magnifying small problems until they become insurmountable.

Fallacy of Change

This involves believing that if you just try hard enough, usually over and over again, someone will see how much they’re hurting you and decide they’re going to change.

Clients who live with thoughts like these place obstacles in their own paths, yet they’re mostly unaware of why or how. Fortunately, an individual therapy program can uncover these disabling thoughts and help clients defeat them.

Promises Five Palms Can Help

For those who live near Ormond Beach, FL, Promises Five Palms provides a high level of care for drug and alcohol addiction treatment and for the treatment of mental health issues. You can begin your individual therapy program next to the glorious Atlantic Ocean in a comfortable, home-like setting.

Clients who choose recovery at Promises Five Palms benefit from our highly trained clinicians and multiple forms of therapy and counseling. Individualized treatment plans are customized to each client, specifically. Change your life tomorrow by calling Promises Five Palms today at 1.844.675.1022. Your future is brighter than you imagine. Let us help you uncover it.

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