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The cost of mental health and addiction treatment varies based on insurance coverage and the level of care necessary. Treatment costs vary because each situation is unique. Factors that influence costs include:

– Your clinical diagnosis

– Your recommended length of stay

– Whether specialized services are required

– Your insurance coverage or preferred payment options

Our advisors work directly with client insurance companies establishing coverage. Also, we strive to ensure our clients receive the maximum amount of benefits available through their rehab insurance coverage plan. Reach out to our recovery advisors today at (844) 662-6391 to receive a benefits check.

Yes, our facility accepts insurance. Call our recovery advisors at (844) 662-6391 for a free insurance benefits check. We will work with your insurance company to establish your coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs.

Our facility offers various lengths for inpatient and outpatient rehab. Length of stay depends on the client’s needs determined by our treatment team. Reach out to us to learn more about our recommended treatment plans.

Yes, our facility takes a trauma-focused approach to treatment. Further, we understand traumatic events are often at the root of mental health disorders and addiction. Our treatment team has the proper and effective training and experience necessary to treat trauma through a variety of therapies.

Yes, we can treat substance abuse as a secondary diagnosis. Our treatment team includes experienced specialists within the mental health and medical fields. Thus, they can treat mental health disorders that occur alongside substance abuse and addiction.

Yes, our team understands the importance of having an aftercare and relapse prevention plan. For instance, we help our clients prepare for returning home or moving to a sober living facility after their time with us. Our team ensures clients have the resources and support needed to maintain their recovery through our Rooted Alumni Program. This can include connections with support groups, psychiatrists, outpatient care options, and other therapy programs and resources near you.

Our admissions center specialist will walk you through the details of what you should pack for treatment. It is important that when you arrive at Promises Five Palms, that you feel at home. Thus, we encourage you to pack comfortable clothing and shoes. We will also provide a list of other toiletries, personal documents and necessary medications that may be necessary.

Promises Five Palms Can Help

When you’re ready to begin treatment for mental health disorders or addiction, asking about the important rehab FAQs is a must. Therefore, our treatment facility is ready to answer all questions and help determine if we’re the ideal fit for your needs. Our treatment team is ready to create the custom program plan you need to succeed. Through evidence-based and holistic addiction treatment programs, we guide and support our clients in their recovery journey. To learn more about our facility, team, and treatment options, contact Promises Five Palms today by calling 1.844.675.1022.

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