Rehab Admissions Process

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Once the decision has been made to go to rehab yourself or for a loved one, it can be confusing to understand the process. Promises Five Palms’ admissions department can help you navigate the muddy waters of rehab admissions. Everything you discuss with us is kept confidential. Our main objective is getting the client the help necessary, so we want the rehab admissions process to be as easy as possible. Promises Five Palms is the premier Florida rehab center.

Steps to Rehab Admissions

  1. Making the call. This is often the hardest one. Our rehab admissions coordinator will do a pre-assessment. It is helpful to have certain information readily available including medical history, mental health records, details on what diagnosis has been made, any suspected substance abuse, family mental health or substance abuse history, and any other pertinent information. Have your insurance information available.
  2. Verifying insurance and getting coverage information. Our coordinator will call you back to give you all of the information. If there is co-insurance, a deductible, or co-payment required, that will be discussed. We do have payment plans, so try not to get concerned about how much it will all cost. Some insurances may require a referral, but we can contact your doctor if necessary.
  3. If you or your loved one need transportation to our facility, we can make those arrangements.
  4. The stay at Promises Five Palms in Ormond Beach, Florida rehab begins.

Detailed Information

man wonders about the Rehab Admissions Process at Five Palms Florida RehabIf you are the caregiver for the client, you may be wondering how you can help make this easier. It is sometimes frightening being in that position. Some ways you can help are:

  • Try to have a detailed report of your loved one’s mental health. Include such items as recent or past traumatic events, feelings of depression, anxiety, or anger, behaviors such as aggression or self-harm, and red flags you may have noticed such as not eating, sleeping too much, social withdrawals, etc.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for clients to heal and recover without contact with the outside world. Don’t let this hurt your feelings. Later there will be time for visiting.
  • Attend family workshops or family days offered since these are key to relationships as well as providing time to work through conflicts.
  • Recovery takes time. It won’t happen overnight. Thus, give it time and be as supportive as you can be.
  • Mental health disorders are lifelong. Each person heals at his/her own pace. It is a process. There is no fix, but living with mental illness is possible.
  • Caregivers sometimes get worn out and may need therapy themselves. Also, you may consider a support group. Take time to heal while your loved one is away.

What Should I Bring?

Rehab is kind of like summer camp or a retreat where almost everything is provided. Therefore, you won’t need much. Residents will need to bring: clothing, any medications prescribed by a physician as well as medically necessary over-the-counter products, alcohol-free toiletries, and a journal. Since you might want to write family and friends, also bring paper, envelopes, and stamps. You cannot bring any food, electronics, valuables, or weapons of any kind. Promises Five Palms Rehab FAQs provides answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.

Promises Five Palms provides a place where you restore, learn to cope, and find a new pathway to a happy, wholesome life. Our drug addiction treatment programs employ holistic therapy methods to ensure lasting recovery and coping skills. Our rehab admissions process is as simple as we can make it so that we can get down to the business of recovery. Call us today to get started: 1.844.675.1022

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