people bowling is an example of substance abuse group therapy activities

Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities: What They Are and Why They Help

As part of your treatment for substance use disorder, you’ll engage in substance abuse group therapy activities. Some of these activities teach skill-building, others may focus on learning to be a team player. Regardless, group therapy activities such as these boost your recovery in positive ways. What Are Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities? Substance abuse…

group therapy circle discusses substance abuse preventions while all holding hands

Substance Abuse Preventions: Spotting the Signs of Mental Illness

Substance Abuse Preventions Substance abuse preventions typically begin in the home. That’s to say, children who see parents or other caretakers commonly using drugs are more likely to begin using drugs themselves. This is referred to as a risk factor for addiction. Unfortunately, thousands of parents in this country self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. As a result,…