Woman experiencing codependency and depression

Codependency and Depression

Do you find the moods of others dictate how you feel? Do you try to control others to control your happiness? If so, you may be struggling with codependency. Codependency is common when there is an addict in the family. Often, codependency occurs with types of mental illness, including anxiety and depression. If you’re struggling with codependency, we’re here to help.

Overcoming Codependency

When you’re working toward overcoming codependency, it can be hard to change your behaviors. You want the best for your loved ones. But when they’re unhappy with you, you may feel unsteady, unstable, anxious, or frantic. Try these tips for overcoming codependency and regaining control of your own life:

Strive for Independence

You don’t need to have your loved one along for all the journeys of life. Go out to eat, shopping, or to the movies by yourself, enjoying your own company.

Practice Self-Care

This doesn’t necessarily mean taking a nap or getting a manicure. Prioritizing your health can mean cleaning your house, setting up appointments, and seeking therapy.

Deal with Unresolved Issues

A therapist can help you discover the parts of your past that have led you to codependency.

Set and Hold Boundaries

People who are figuring out how to deal with codependency often have loose or nonexistent boundaries with others.

How To Deal With Codependency And Addiction

Many codependents have fallen into their pattern of behavior due to living with or loving an addicted individual. They may attempt to keep the person safe by trying to control their behavior. Attempts to control someone with an addict will backfire. Both the addicted individual and the codependent must seek help to heal themselves and their relationship.

Promises Five Palms: Overcoming Codependency

If you’re working on overcoming codependency to help a family member who deals with addiction, we understand how hard it can be to stop behaviors that pacify the addicted individual. At Promises Five Palms, we’re here to help your family and your loved one come out on the other side of addiction. We know that family relationships are an important part of recovery. Therefore, we offer many different modalities of therapy at our treatment center, including:

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of counseling that involves all members of a family in order to address issues that are affecting the family as a whole. This therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues, including addiction and mental health disorders.

Addiction and mental health disorders can have a profound effect on families. In some cases, families may be unaware of the problem until it reaches a crisis point. In other cases, families may be struggling to deal with the issue but feel powerless to change the situation.

Adventure and Experiential Therapies

Adventure and experiential therapies are a type of treatment that uses activities such as hiking, biking, rafting, or rock climbing to help people recover from addiction or mental health disorders. These activities can help people to build trust, teamwork, and communication skills while also providing an opportunity for physical activity and stress relief. Adventure and experiential therapies can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a larger treatment plan.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that helps people change their thinking and behavior patterns. CBT has been shown to be an effective treatment for a variety of mental health disorders, including addiction. The goal of CBT is to help people learn how to better manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Group and Individualized Therapies

These therapies are designed to help people suffering from addiction or mental health disorders. Group therapy is a form of counseling where a group of people meet to discuss their shared experience with addiction or mental illness. Individualized therapy is a form of counseling that focuses on the individual’s unique experience with addiction or mental illness.

Anger Management

Anger management for addiction or mental health disorders is a process of learning to control and deal with anger in a healthy way. It can involve therapy, medication, and self-help techniques. The goal of anger management is to help you control your anger so it doesn’t lead to harmful behaviors or hurt yourself or others.

Mental Health Treatment

We don’t just offer help to people who are struggling with addiction. In addition, we offer help for mental health issues. Anxiety and depression often plague people who are trying to figure out how to deal with codependency. You don’t have to overcome this burden alone. If you’re struggling with overcoming codependency, it may make sense for you to seek treatment.

Asking for help doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. As you go through the process of overcoming codependency, you’ll see your relationships, happiness, and mental health improve.

Call Our Rehabilitation Center

If you’re tired of being stuck figuring out how to deal with codependency, we get it. Living with an addict can take a toll on your mental health. You care about your loved one and you want the best for them, but it’s impossible to help them get to recovery on your own.

At Promises Five Palms, we understand the complicated relationships that addicts have with their families, and we’re here to set your family on the path to healing. We’re here to help both you and your family members get back on the right track. Call us today at 1.844.675.1022 to talk with our admissions staff about how we can help your loved one. Recovery is possible, and your family does not have to go through the pains of addiction alone. Reach out today to ask for help.

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