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What is EMDR? A Guide for Your Needs

Trauma is never a comfortable experience. For many people, it can cause life-changing problems taking years or even decades to fix. Therefore, you need to understand what is EMDR and how it can help you manage your trauma. Unfortunately, trauma may also cause addiction if left untreated. As a result, you may want to try addiction treatment for yourself in this situation.

What is EDMR?

EDMR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. A typical session lasts around 90 minutes and features hand movements in front of your eyes. The idea is to relax your mind in a way similar to hypnotism. As your therapist waves their fingers, they will:

  • Talk to you about a traumatic situation
  • Ask you to relive this situation
  • Get you to experience the emotions and sensations that occurred at the time
  • Focus you back on more positive emotions
  • Attempt to replace negative emotions with positive ones

Most EDMR sessions focus on trauma and related problems. For example, those who suffered a car accident may need EDMR to overcome their anxiety. However, EDMR also helps panic attacks, eating disorders, general anxiety, and addictions. For some, this treatment may seem too good to be true. Others may find it hard to believe. That said, many studies have confirmed that this care option does provide many benefits for those who go through with it.

Does EDMR Therapy Work?

Over the years, many people have asked, “what is EDMR?” and found many people condemning it. Controversially, some experts state that EDMR is a scam or not an effective treatment option. But what do scientific and medical studies say? According to one study, the “available evidence suggests that EMDR therapy improves trauma-associated symptoms and has a minor effect on the primary disorders by reaching partial symptomatic improvement.”

Essentially, they stated that EDMR could help manage trauma symptoms and even manage some emotional issues. The study went on to state that it could be a useful option for comorbid disorders. Comorbid disorders are one or more emotional problems occurring at the same time. For example, addiction and depression may be considered comorbid by many treatment specialists.

That said, you may want to talk to your specialists to decide if this option is right for you. Some may not respond well to EDMR and need other care options. Other people excel with EDMR care. It all boils down to how well you respond to different treatment types. Some people need time to recover from disturbing incidents and may react poorly during an EDMR treatment session.

Where Can You Get EDMR?

When asking, “what is EDMR?” you need to know where to get treatment. Thankfully, many facilities provide this care. For example, many psychologists now utilize this treatment. They focus on efficiently delivering EDMR treatment. They start by focusing on the root of your anxiety and trauma. Then, they provide EDMR seamlessly and effectively.

Those suffering from addiction that is related to trauma can also get this care in a rehab facility. These groups fully understand various types of psychological treatments. As a result, they can utilize this care option to help you recover. With this powerful healing option, you can break the bonds of trauma and addiction forever. And you can do so in a way that helps manage other emotional concerns.

However, anybody with trauma can benefit from this care option. Make sure, though, to talk to your doctor before getting any care. They may find that other options work better for you. Or they may believe that you aren’t ready for EDMR care. Trauma recovery should never be rushed, so take your time and get treatment when you are prepared for it.

Who Can Provide This Treatment?

If you want to know the answer to the question “what is EMDR?” please contact us at Five Palms. Call 1.844.675.1022 to learn more about the many services we provide. We focus on PTSD, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, and more in each treatment. Our goal is to help you fully understand your emotional difficulties. With our help, you can get EDMR treatment and become a happy and healthy person again. Verify your insurance online to get started.

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