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Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

It’s estimated that nearly 15 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism or, as it is now termed, alcohol use disorder affects so many people outside of the individual, many wonder if they are at risk of developing it. Because alcohol use disorder has a genetic component, it’s not inappropriate to ask, ‘Is alcoholism …

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Am I an Alcoholic?

Whether you’re struggling through a harsh hangover or wondering whether you embarrassed yourself last night, many people wonder, “Am I an alcoholic?” after a night of drinking. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental health issues, you may be more likely to become dependent on alcohol than someone who does not deal with …

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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

For many people who deal with substance abuse, mental health issues also play a role. People who deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns may be more susceptible to addiction than people who do not deal with these concerns. If you have mental health issues and are struggling with substance use, you …

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Alcohol and Depression

Many people find that alcohol and depression are a tough combination to beat. The way that alcohol affects the mind can be especially pronounced in people who struggle with clinical depression. If you are struggling with the use of alcohol and depression, you’re not alone. At Promises Five Palms, our counselors understand how easy it …

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Using Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Yoga is a complementary health practice that relaxes the body and puts your mind at ease. At Five Palms in Ormond Beach, FL, we believe that using yoga for addiction recovery in addition traditional to therapies can be beneficial to those searching to recover from drug and alcohol abuse disorders.The Yoga Journal defines yoga as a series …

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Healing from Shame and Addiction

It’s not uncommon to find yourself overwhelmed and embarrassed about where you are in life. You’ve been through a great deal. It does not matter the cause or where you’ve been. Healing from shame and addiction is critical, but both must be done at the same time. At Five Palms, we understand how emotions and …

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The Impact of Maladaptive Coping Skills: Change the Way You Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety plays a large role in most addictions. When you feel anxious, you may self-medicate to make yourself feel better. This is an example of maladaptive coping skills. Whether you take a calming sip of scotch or pop a prescription painkiller, either may start you down the road to a substance use disorder. If you suffer …

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Finding Good Rehab Centers in Orlando FL

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, the answer is getting help at rehab centers in Orlando FL. That help will typically look like the kind you will find at our Orlando FL addiction treatment center. It is the type of assistance you can trust and rely upon through every step …

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