Addiction Treatment

woman stretching to address addiction and your physical health

Addiction and Your Physical Health

COVID-19, Addiction, and Your Physical HealthA few months ago, the world discovered the novel coronavirus, called COVID-19. As thousands of people across the globe began to be affected by this sweeping pandemic, it also drew attention to how important your overall health is in a crisis like this. People with substance use disorder are at …

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woman sitting considering the signs of codependency

Signs of Codependency

In any healthy relationship, there is a continuous give-and-take. At any given time, one partner or the other may need an extra bit of help. This type of dependency is fine. When you hear the term “codependency,” this is not the type of relationship we are talking about. In a codependent relationship, everything is lopsided. …

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patients hugging experiencing the benefits of group therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy

People have different needs when they seek help. For some people, one-on-one therapy is all they can respond to, especially in the beginning. Over time, they may feel more confident opening up and be ready for a group therapy program. Some people feel the group setting is more beneficial right from the start as it …

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woman looking out winder thinking about risk factors for addiction

Risk Factors for Addiction

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans used illicit drugs in 2018. Many of those individuals developed a substance use disorder, the inability to regulate one’s intake of drugs or alcohol. Addiction is an ongoing public health issue. Drug or alcohol addictions is a complex disease. While substance use disorder or addiction can happen to anyone, there …

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pregnant woman searching internet for is alcoholism hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

It’s estimated that nearly 15 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism or, as it is now termed, alcohol use disorder affects so many people outside of the individual, many wonder if they are at risk of developing it. Because alcohol use disorder has a genetic component, it’s not inappropriate to ask, ‘Is alcoholism …

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