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Many Are Coping With Loneliness During Quarantine

Everyone suffers from loneliness from time to time. However, many are experiencing loneliness more intensely and more often than they previously have. Coping with loneliness during quarantine is a factor, by and large for everyone. If we are still in the workplace, chances are the workforce is diminished. We are not seeing the people we are used to seeing because they may be at home in isolation or in quarantine. Being home in quarantine presents a different type of coping with loneliness during quarantine. In effect, COVID-19 has brought loneliness to the world. How are you coping with loneliness during quarantine? Prolonged loneliness can lead to depression. Five Palms can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. If you’re suffering from depression or any mental health issue, contact us to learn how to break free.

Signs Of Depression

Clinical depression is beyond a general sense of sadness that you may experience from time to time. Depression can lead to a downward spiral and has to be checked during this unprecedented quarantine time. Pay attention to your behavior. Some depression symptoms include:

  • Lost interest in everyday life
  • Hopeless outlook
  • Increased fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety
  • Increases and decreased in appetite
  • Fluctuating weight
  • Loss of control over emotions

If you find yourself or a loved one exhibiting more than a couple of these symptoms, reach out for support. This is especially true if these symptoms of depression keep arising or persist for weeks on end. Looking to find support and treatment early can make all the difference in improving mental health.

When To Seek Help From A Mental Health Professional

The time to seek help from a mental health professional is as soon as you notice signs of depression. Coping with loneliness during quarantine means taking advantage of situations where you can interact with others. Staying in contact with friends and family via technology is a great advantage. Schedule daily or weekly online chats with co-workers who aren’t working. Check-in with your friends and family that you know are alone during this time. Get online and play a game of cards with your friends and family. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

Staying Connected With Your Mental Health Treatment Team

Many therapists are offering online sessions via video accessibility or telephone. Having a voice to talk to helps to relate your symptoms. Your mental health professional will pick up on whether or not you are coping with loneliness during quarantine ineffectively. Be honest about how you feel. Don’t put on a brave face. If you’re feeling especially lonely and it’s leading to depression talk to your mental health provider about it.

If you have not established a relationship with a therapist, now is a good time to do so. Therapists and psychoanalysts are working from home as well. Find a good therapist to talk to.

Five Palms of Ormond, FL

Our facility located in Ormond, Florida is the ideal place for you to begin your journey towards sobriety. In addition to mental health treatment, Five Palms has substance abuse treatment and alcohol abuse treatment. The following is a brief list outlining other program options we offer:

Opting to stay close to home for treatment may work best for your lifestyle. However, Five Palms, under the auspices of Promises, is only one option. Promises has several treatment facilities across the country all delivering exceptional care. You may decide that traveling to another state is a better option for your rehabilitative needs. Call us today at 1.844.675.1022 and learn more about Promises Five Palms.

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