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How To Fill Your Time Sober In Quarantine

Time is your friend in quarantine. When deciding how to fill your time sober in quarantine be innovative. Focus on your sobriety.  Don’t focus on how you began abusing drugs or alcohol. Stifling your feelings is not going to help. Pretending it’s not there can cause a relapse. When you’re faced with a trigger like a person, place, or thing that accompanied your abuse, shift focus. Being proactive in your resolve is how to fill your time sober in quarantine.

Sharpen Your Resolve To Stay Sober

When you feel like using alcohol or drugs, strengthen your resolve to stay sober. Let’s face it, there is nothing but time to fill. How to fill your time sober in quarantine is the question. Learn how to be prepared to live the rest of your life sober and strong. One way to occupy yourself during this time is by making contact with old friends and speaking with family. It’s likely they are as cooped up as you are and would welcome the conversation. With our smartphones able to connect through video and the numerous virtual meeting apps like Skype and Zoom available, you should be able to make a connection with someone with ease. Remember, your loved ones always want to hear from you, and sometimes just listening to other is enough.

Stay Mentally Ready For The Pandemic

Learn about telemedicine and telemental health services. No one thought that we’d be here. How to fill your time sober in quarantine is simple. Fill your time with being prepared. Telemedicine and telemental health services are strategies to continue receiving your drug rehabilitative treatment and medical treatment while at home. Seeing a physician and/or a therapist from the comfort of your living room is an awesome advantage. Speak with your health professional today about remote health services.

Staying Prepared Is A Good Time Filler

Being proactive and finding out if your health provided offers telemedicine or telemental health services before you need to go in for treatment is great. You can do your research ahead of time. When it’s time for your visit, telemedicine can already be in place. Understand how your treatment can be done remotely. Find ways to have treatment groups and self-help groups remotely. Enquire about socially-distanced group meetings with limited participants. Being proactive in maintaining your sobriety is how to fill your time sober in quarantine.

How Will You Use The Extra Time And Money You Wasted On Drugs And Alcohol

The best use of your extra time and money is investing in your sobriety. Enquire with your employer. Since you’re at home in quarantine, this may be a good time to enter treatment, if necessary. In this way, you don’t have to take time off work for treatment. You’re already off work. Your employee insurance may still be in effect. This way there is no downtime from your employ. If you need inpatient treatment to deal with a drug issue, an alcohol abuse issue, or a mental health issue – this may be the best use of your quarantine time.

Finding The Right Treatment For Your Situation

Five Palms is an oasis for treatment. You will find a relaxing and calming atmosphere that your mind and body has craved since you began abusing them. Located in sunny Florida you will get all of the warmth in temperature and in our professional staffers to strengthen your sobriety. Some of the programs you will find here is as follows:

Your path in the right direction can start with your immediate phone call to 1.844.675.1022.

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