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How Are You Coping With Isolation During Coronavirus?

Isolation is taking a toll on the collective mental health of our society. This is where perception is paramount. Social media proclaims that people are taking advantage of this exorbitant amount of time. They are investing in their physical health, the cleanliness of their home, de-cluttering years of refuse, and the like. This is a proactive approach and should be employed by everyone. Coping with isolation during coronavirus must be a daily check-in for each individual. Don’t let coping with isolation during coronavirus creep up on you by surprise. You have to keep this in check.

Telehealth Is a Great Resource During the Pandemic

Telehealth is helping people in isolation by keeping them in contact with their physicians. Telehealth is simply a doctor’s visit via a mobile device, tablet, or home computer. You stay at home and get the care and advice you need from your physician while they are at a different location. Many physicians are offering this alternative to traditional office visits. Isolated patients are monitored with a telehealth visit. In addition, there is no need to go out for a pharmacy run when your medicine can be delivered.

Should I Be Afraid of Isolation?

Don’t be afraid of isolation. Isolation may be mandatory for medical and health reasons at this time. People are held in isolation if needed when they enter the hospital as well. The need to slow the infection rate of coronavirus is the reason why some people are being isolated. Being in control of the infection rate is the difference between our hospitals managing their population and being overwhelmed by it. It’s OK to consider the seriousness of the moment. It helps to put our own individual circumstances in perspective.

So, you can do several simple things to make isolation less lonely. For example, stay in contact with loved ones who are in isolation with your cell phone. Remember, others are going through the same experience and are looking for ways to connect. Often, all you have to do is reach out. Stay in contact with a mental health professional if you are in a vulnerable mental state. Don’t attach stigma or shame to having a mental health issue. These times are beyond challenging. These times are beyond normal. It makes sense to feel anxiety, and it’s not even strange to be depressed. But locations like Promises Five Palms are here to help you through, so reach out to them at 1.844.675.1022.

Are There Alternatives to Isolation?

if you can quarantine with loved ones, that would be ideal. Make certain that social distancing and monitoring are adhered to. Make certain there is no risk of infection. This disease is deadly and should never be taken lightly. Social interaction has to take a backseat to medical health at present. However, as the weeks drag on in isolation, don’t be afraid to consider alternatives or rearrangements as long as they are medically sound and safe.

A Close Look at One Form of Treatment at Five Palms

Expressive therapy is one option that is employed at Five Palms. Using artwork to translate your feelings toward growth and change is the cornerstone of this therapeutic modality. Finding your inner artist can help you find your motivation for permanent change in sobriety. Who says treatment always has to be in a box? Put your thoughts and feelings on canvas in an expressive therapy treatment setting.

From Isolation to Treatment

Speaking with a mental health professional will help you determine if you need to enter treatment for substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or a mental health crisis. Five Palms treatment options include:

Contact the team at Five Palms for an evaluation by calling 1.844.675.1022.

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