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Quarantined With An Alcoholic Spouse And Its Effects

It wouldn’t be difficult to assert that 2020 has been a high-stress time for many of us. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented the most challenging social issue of our lifetime. We are experiencing the same stress that all people are under. You can’t understand the effects until it’s over. We are living in a worldwide pandemic. The resultant stress is undeniable. Are you quarantined with an alcoholic spouse? Confront the situation assertively, if possible. Five Palms is a self-proclaimed, multi-faceted recovery center in Ormond Beach, Florida. We are taking extra precautionary measures to combat COVID-19 concerns. Treatment is available for you or your loved one.

Are You Quarantined With An Alcoholic Spouse?

Alcoholic behaviors can escalate during high-stress times. It is important to be in control of your response to the situation. If you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse and your children are present, then they are quarantined with an alcoholic parent. It doesn’t mean that the situation should be swept under the rug. Self-help programs like Alcoholics Anonymous discuss the idea of a “rock-bottom”. Have a family discussion, if appropriate to discuss your spouse’s excessive alcohol consumption. The children are aware of it even if they have not discussed it with you openly.

The quarantined environment may present the proper “rock bottom” for your alcoholic spouse.

Make Quarantine Your “Rock Bottom”

Elevated stress levels can be used as a motivator to seek help. When speaking to your spouse make certain to use statements regarding how you feel about their alcohol use, as opposed to how they are making you feel. Communicate fully about the effects of their alcohol use on your marriage and your family. Let the children chime in, as well. This may not be something that you’re used to in your family dynamic. The COVID-19 outbreak and the inherent quarantine can be the breakthrough that is necessary.

Schedule a Zoom Intervention

Have close family and friends confront your spouse on their alcohol excesses. You can accomplish this utilizing social distancing practices. Have a Zoom meeting and have your husband or wife present. Rather than embarrassing your alcoholic spouse, this is a vital interaction. While quarantined with an alcoholic spouse, this method should only be employed if you feel safe in effectively confronting your spouse. Quarantined with an alcoholic spouse can quickly transform to quarantined with a recovering alcoholic. This unique situation may be the springboard for a lifetime of sobriety.

The Five Palms Difference

This particular treatment program has a myriad of behavioral therapy treatments to choose from. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a warm and comfortable home. You will find the peace and tranquility needed to begin sorting your sober life together. The following treatment programs are housed at Five Palms:

Five Palms provide the mental health treatment both you and your spouse can benefit from. Because alcohol abuse doesn’t just affect the individual, loved ones need support as well. Also, family, like spouses, need to learn how to be supportive during recovery and learn the techniques to help keep individuals on the right path during recovery. Our numerous programs and therapies can help couples do just this. Alcohol addiction doesn’t have to influence your life any longer.

In addition to substance abuse treatment and alcohol abuse treatment, Five Palms treats mental health issues, as well. If you’re suffering from: post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, or personality disorders. We are the facility for you. You can chat with us online or give a call at 1.844.675.1022 today.

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