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How Does PTSD Change a Person?

Are you or a loved one struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Or perhaps you know someone who has gone through a traumatic experience and is curious about how PTSD changes a person. At My 5 Palms, located in the serene environment of Ormond Beach, Florida, we offer comprehensive PTSD treatment programs. We understand the profound impact that PTSD can have on an individual’s life and strive to provide compassionate and professional care to help our clients heal and reclaim their lives. Contact our team online or call 1.844.675.1022 to learn more. 

What to Know About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that may develop after an individual has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. This could include situations such as physical or sexual assault, war, natural disasters, accidents, or the sudden death of a loved one. Those living with PTSD often relive the traumatic event through flashbacks and nightmares, have difficulty sleeping, and feel detached from others. These symptoms can significantly disrupt an individual’s daily life. 

Can PTSD Co-Occur with Addiction? 

Yes, PTSD can co-occur with addiction. Individuals living with PTSD may turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to numb their distressing symptoms. However, substance use often exacerbates PTSD symptoms and can lead to addiction, creating a cycle of increasing mental and physical health challenges. In cases like this, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary, where both PTSD and addiction are addressed simultaneously. 

How Does PTSD Change a Person? 

PTSD can cause significant changes in a person’s life, including: 

  • Altered emotions – Individuals struggling with PTSD might experience intense emotions, including anger, sadness, fear, or guilt. They may also feel emotionally numb or detached from others. 
  • Changes in behavior – PTSD can lead to changes in behavior, such as avoiding places or people that remind them of the trauma or engaging in risky behaviors. 
  • Cognitive changes – PTSD can affect memory and concentration. Individuals may struggle to remember aspects of the traumatic event or have difficulty focusing on tasks. 
  • Physical symptoms – PTSD may also cause physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, or difficulty sleeping. 

It’s important to remember that each individual’s experience in struggling with PTSD is unique, and changes can vary widely from person to person. 

How to Help Someone Struggling with PTSD 

If you know someone struggling with PTSD, there are several ways you can help: 

  • Learn about PTSD – Understanding the nature of PTSD can help you better support your loved one. 
  • Be patient and understanding – Recovery from PTSD takes time. Offer your patience, understanding, and reassurance. 
  • Encourage professional help – Encourage your loved one to seek professional help, such as the programs offered at My 5 Palms. 

Our team of mental health professionals can provide effective and personalized treatment for individuals struggling with PTSD. 

How PTSD Treatment Works 

At 5 Palms, our PTSD treatment programs are evidence-based and tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation to understand the nature and severity of the PTSD symptoms. Based on this assessment, we develop a personalized treatment plan that may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and medication management. 

Dual diagnosis treatment can be crucial for those struggling with both PTSD and addiction. This approach treats both conditions simultaneously, recognizing that they are interrelated. Our dual diagnosis treatment at My 5 Palms addresses the root causes of both disorders, equipping individuals with the tools and support they need to achieve lasting recovery. 

Schedule an Appointment with My 5 Palms for PTSD Treatment in Florida   

Understanding how PTSD changes a person is an essential step towards improved mental health. At My 5 Palms, we are committed to offering comprehensive, individualized care to help individuals overcome PTSD and live fulfilling lives. If you or a loved one is struggling with PTSD, we encourage you to reach out to our professional team. Together, we can navigate the path towards recovery. Contact our team online or call 1.844.675.1022 today to learn more about our services. 

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