Values in recovery

Values in Recovery

Many people struggling with the disease of addiction never get help. Unfortunately, these people either end up losing their lives or having their lifetime stolen by the disease, often spending their days confined in jail cells or institutions. With the help of Promises Five Palms mental health treatment program, 12-step programs, and other recovery tools you will find the core values to guide recovery.

While not every recovery program may look the same, function the same way, or use the same tools, they do have much in common. At least, the successful ones do. These are the core values to guide recovery, and they can be seen in many different types of programs.

What are the Core Values to Guide Recovery?

The core values to guide recovery aren’t that much, unlike the values that lead to a full and happy life. They, also like those life values, must be learned. If these values and principles that have built successful recovery programs could just be passed on verbally or written down, 12-step programs and recovery centers wouldn’t be necessary. Promises Five Palms offers treatment to guide your recovery, like:

Depression Treatment

Depression treatment is a process that usually involves medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Treatment for depression often requires a combination of these approaches. Medication can help to stabilize mood and relieve symptoms, while therapy can provide tools to manage depression and prevent relapse. Lifestyle changes, such as exercise and a healthy diet, can help to improve mood and overall health.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Co-occurring disorders treatment, also known as dual diagnosis treatment, is a type of care that is designed to address both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder simultaneously. This type of care is important because it can be difficult to treat one disorder without also addressing the other.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorders are a type of mental illness that can make it difficult for someone to cope with everyday situations. Anxiety treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can help people learn how to deal with their anxiety and substance abuse in a healthy way.

Rigorous Honest

The essence of these types of programs and recovery tools is teaching the principles that help us recover. Principles like what AA calls being “rigorously honest” and taking a “moral inventory” are examples of the core values to guide recovery. They are lessons and tools that must be taught.

The Core Values of a Recovery Program

There are also core values to guide recovery programs, values that promote a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. There are core values to guide us through life after addiction and how to maintain that life. Recovery is more than abstinence from drugs because addiction is about more than just using drugs. It is about learning how to live a new life, a life without drugs.

The following are some of the core values of most recovery programs:

  • Honesty
  • Open-mindedness
  • Willingness
  • Humility
  • Commitment
  • Growth
  • Responsibility
  • Love and Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Honesty

The Dry Drunk

Is there a difference between an addict who isn’t using and a person who has overcome addiction? There is. The programs of AA call this a “dry drunk,” and it is a condition that can be worse than an addict who is actively using. We need these core values and principles because overcoming addiction is about more than not abusing and using drugs or alcohol.

Begin Learning the Core Values of Recovery Today

Addiction controls our thoughts, our emotions, and wreaks havoc on our bodies. Regardless of what type of addiction you fight or how long you have fought, these core values will also help after you have overcome your addiction. If you are ready to begin a life free from the control of drugs today, help is available, and it starts by reaching out for help.

We know that the battle of addiction is difficult, but we also know that you can win. If you are ready to overcome addiction, learn the core values that will help you beat this disease, and stay clean, call us now. We promise to show you the way by teaching you the core values. But you must make the decision and make the call.

One of the core values of overcoming addiction is humility, like being able to admit when you need help. If you are hanging on to pride, let it go. If you are fighting this battle alone, stop. Start lesson one, and take your first step towards ending addiction. We are here to help, call us today at 1.844.675.1022 and begin your journey of recovery now.

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