Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program

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man sitting at co-occurring disorders treatment programWe offer an excellent dual diagnosis treatment program if you have both an addiction and a mental disorder. Our co-occurring disorders treatment program provides offers evidence-based and holistic treatment that can help you manage your condition. We provide full support and therapy that allows the whole person – not just the addiction.

To find out more about our co-occurring disorders treatment program in Ocala, FL, contact Five Palms today. We can meet with you to go over your treatment options and get you started in detox. With the right care and therapy, you can get on the road to recovery.

Treatment Available for Co-Occurring Disorders

A co-occurring disorders treatment program in FL offers several options that can target your mental health issue and addiction. Some of the programs we provide include:

Our evidence-based treatment is based on several years of extensive scientific research and ongoing observation. Each of the programs we offer helps you explore the underlying causes of your drug or alcohol addiction. They also teach you how to manage your thoughts, behaviors, and actions, so that you don’t go down the same destructive behavior over and again.

Why We Use Dual Diagnosis for Co-Occurring Disorders

When we focus all of our treatment on changing your behavior, we only solve part of the problem. This is because addiction is often a symptom of a much larger issue. In your case, you may have a mental health problem that needs to be addressed as well. Disorders that often lead to addiction can include PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety disorder, or borderline personality disorder.

Dual diagnosis is part of our co-occurring disorders treatment program designed to address your mental disorders and how they relate to your addiction. For instance, if you have severe depression, you may turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. Likewise, your addiction may also trigger your addiction further. It turns into a vicious cycle where one condition feeds on the other. Learn more about how our leading Florida addiction treatment program can help you today.

A co-occurring disorders treatment program allows us to accurately diagnose your condition, provide therapy for your addiction, and work on both at the same time. If we can get to the root of the problem, then we can develop a plan toward lasting recovery.

Benefits of a Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program

Chances are your addiction started because of a mental disorder or led to a mental disorder. Either way, there are several benefits of getting treatment for both at the same time, such as:

  • You receive a proper comprehensive diagnosis of your condition
  • You learn how to cope with all of the problems that are controlling your life
  • We help you develop the right plan for treatment without the guesswork
  • It is a well-rounded approach that heals the mind, body, and soul
  • It is backed by years of research and support in the medical community

With dual diagnosis, you get the best treatment available within a structured co-occurring disorders treatment program. When you complete your treatment, you will have a better understanding of how to navigate your mental disorder and how to prevent a relapse.

How to Start With Your Treatment

The best way to start your treatment for your addiction and mental condition is to contact Five Palms. We can discuss your addiction, answer your questions, and go over your treatment options. Call us today at 1.844.675.1022 to find out more about our co-occurring disorders treatment program.

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