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Find the Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Orlando

Mental health treatment can give you the hope you need. If the challenges of living with a mental health disorder are challenging, help is available. The best mental health treatment centers in Orlando understand that mental health is involved. It takes a variety of treatment methods to find the best results. From traditional individual therapy sessions to mindfulness-based stress reduction, our Florida mental health treatment program can make a positive impact on your life.

Focused Treatment For Personal Growth

Mental health disorders can be treated using several approaches. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or complex trauma, treatment will be provided based on your specific needs. You’ll be introduced to different treatments and therapies at our addiction treatment center, including:

  • Group therapy sessions to be able to share your experiences and learn from your peers in a supportive environment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you change harmful thought patterns that control your life to improve your overall wellness
  • Anger management groups to learn how to manage your anger response and become less volatile over time
  • Relapse prevention education to discover what your triggers are and how to manage your self care better to avoid a relapse of symptoms
  • Art therapy, mindfulness, or 12-step groups to address emotions and connect with others dealing with an addiction

As you search for the best mental health treatment centers in Orlando, look for one that offers you a range of treatments, including a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Finding Support For Mental Health Recovery

Living with a mental health disorder can make your life difficult. If you have depression, getting out of bed for the day can be overwhelming. Additionally, if you are dealing with an anxiety disorder, you may not have the ability to work effectively at a job to support yourself. When life has become too difficult for you to manage on your own, it’s time to consider residential mental health treatment in one of the best mental health treatment centers in Orlando. You will get support 24 hours a day to get your life back. Common mental health disorders that can respond effectively to residential treatment include:

  • Depression that is difficult to manage, leaving you with feelings of hopelessness or dread
  • The anxiety that manifests in panic attacks, or makes it difficult for you to leave the house
  • Complex-trauma that often leads to secondary substance abuse
  • Personality disorders that make relationships with other people almost impossible

Support involves finding the right treatment program and engaging in the treatment offered. Your interactions with others will help you work through your recovery process and find support.

Honesty In Your Interactions Matters

Hiding past behaviors or your negative thoughts is not going to help you in the recovery process. Be honest in your interactions with others, and you will get more out of the treatment you are in. You may also be tempted to lie about how you are feeling, to get out of the residential care faster. Your therapist and others in the program can only help you when you are honest about what is going on in your life. Don’t be afraid to share who you are, and you will get the care you need to succeed.

Get the Mental Health Treatment You Need Today

Lastly, at Promises Five Palms in Ormond, Florida, we are there to give you the support you need when you are dealing with a primary mental health disorder. When you are ready to find one of the best mental health treatment centers in Orlando, it’s time to call us at 1.844.675.1022. Take control of your future by managing your mental health needs with great care.

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