3 Reasons Why Low Cost Treatment isn’t Lacking Promises Five Palms

3 Reasons Why Low-Cost Treatment isn’t Lacking

It’s easy to start believing that luxury addiction treatment is better than lower-cost treatment because marketers and advertisers of all types are continually trying to convince us that expensive and high quality is the same thing, but this simply isn’t the case. Low-cost addiction treatment doesn’t mean low-quality care; it often means the opposite because funds are allocated toward the patient’s recovery needs instead of maintaining unnecessary amenities. Here are three reasons why the affordable treatment available from Promises Five Palms may outshine the most expensive luxury program.


1. Individualized treatment means you are only paying for what you need, leading to more affordable treatment

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all programs that tend not to be the best fit for anyone, just like one-size-fits-all clothing. If you enter the hospital with a broken leg, you don’t need physical therapy on your arm, but you also don’t want to be sent home with only a Band-Aid and not a cast. You need to have your needs accurately identified and appropriately treated. 

What’s true for physical health is also true for mental health. Effective and affordable addiction treatment begins with comprehensive screening and assessment, providing a thorough understanding of symptoms, history, social networks and needs. This assessment is the basis for a personalized plan which can be modified as needs change. 


2. Low-cost treatment offers different levels of care, depending on your needs and circumstances

Some people need the comprehensive treatment and controlled environment provided by a residential program. For others, especially people with job-related, school, or childcare responsibilities they want to maintain during treatment, an outpatient program is the best fit. People with very tight schedules or transportation challenges may prefer a program offered online rather than in person.

At Promises Five Palms, we offer every level of care. We want to meet therapeutic needs while being sensitive to the varying circumstances people bring to the recovery process. The provision of different levels of care allows people to move from one level to another as circumstances change and needs evolve.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) notes that continuity of care, which is the integration of treatment services, involves consistency, coordination and the ability to transition from one level of care to another seamlessly.

Although it’s important for all patients, it may be especially crucial for those who experience co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Whether a high or low-cost treatment facility provides it, they note that it’s important for treatment programs to focus on continuity of care issues to give patients the best treatment possible.


3. The programs are multidisciplinary, addressing the whole person, physically, mentally, and emotionally

We know that you’re more than your symptoms or diagnosis and that recovery involves more than checking things off a treatment to-do list. You’re a unique human being with your own collection of strengths and challenges. We want you to find true healing in every area of your life. As the journal Substance Abuse notes, “a multidisciplinary model of care best addresses the complexities of substance abuse,” and you don’t need luxury addiction treatment to receive it.

Just because a treatment center costs more doesn’t mean you’re getting the best quality care. Do your research and make sure your rehab center offers integrated and evidence-based treatment. Affordable and effective treatment is available from Five Palms, and we can help you get on your recovery path and start healing.

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