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What is Considered Luxury Treatment?

The term luxury is used to describe many different types of treatment experiences. It often conjures images of opulent rooms, personal massage and spa amenities and exotic locales. The truth is that while there are programs that feature those things, they are often quite pricey and don’t deliver on their promises.


It may be helpful to start at the beginning and remember why you are seeking treatment in the first place. What is the outcome you hope for during your stay and beyond? What made you decide to get help? 


Most people will say they recognized their life was slipping out of control. They are tired of being a slave to a substance that is stealing all their joy and hope. They are weary of the consequences of addiction. Finally, aware of the damage they are doing to themselves and the people they care about, they decided to get help.


The luxury element most often enters the equation because the person is concerned they will not be comfortable in treatment. They imagine it will feel more like a punishment than a positive experience that rejuvenates them. They may be unwilling to sacrifice much of their standard of living. Often there is some fear associated with going to treatment, so people naturally want to know they will be comfortable and well looked after. 


The key to bringing priorities back into focus is to remember that this is medical treatment, and there are serious objectives at stake. What is of paramount importance here is the quality and efficacy of the care you receive. All the mud baths and hot stone massages in the world will not break the chains of addiction or help you gain any greater understanding of yourself. 


However, high-quality care delivered by a compassionate provider can. Attending a quality rehab is perhaps the most precious gift you can give yourself. Not because of the amenities, but because it means halting the progress of your disease and giving your mind and spirit the nourishment it needs.


When it comes to medical treatment, the greatest luxury is quality of care. A true luxury treatment center must deliver an accredited, evidence-based program. This means the program has been vetted by reputable organizations such as The Joint Commission. Evidence-based care in a quality rehab consists of treatments that have scientifically verified efficacy. 


Quality treatment also emphasizes comfortable, peaceful environments. What is of even greater importance to the quality of care is people. A caring, compassionate staff is essential to delivering the restorative experience quality treatment is meant to provide. After all, treatment is about healing and personal growth. 


Finding hope and healing in the kind of comfort you deserve does not have to come with an undue financial burden that a luxury rehab experience brings. The Promises’ name has been the hallmark of excellence in quality treatment for more than 30 years.


Promises Five Palms delivers a compassionate, peaceful and evidence-based rehab experience. We offer private rooms, evidence-based treatments and kind, well-qualified staff. We can help you discover the person you were always meant to be. Call us today for more information on our treatment options and programs at 844.675.0962.


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