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What Is BORG Drinking?

A recent craze known as BORG drinking has led to several viral posts on social media. You may be unfamiliar with this practice if you have not stepped foot on a college campus in a while. So what is BORG drinking, and how dangerous is it? 

At My 5 Palms, we stay current on the latest forms of addiction treatment to provide the best care. But we also stay informed about fads in drinking or drugs so that we can adapt our programs accordingly. When it comes to BORG drinking, prevention, and risk reduction are key. Keep reading to learn what is involved in BORG drinking, so you can help a young person in your life who may be putting themselves In harm’s way. And if you need support, you can contact us at 1.844.675.1022 for advice or information about our addiction treatment programs.

What Is BORG Drinking? 

When you hear BORG drinking, your first thought may drift to creatures from a popular television show. But this form of drinking is unrelated. BORG is actually an acronym that stands for “blackout rage gallon.” The meaning behind this name is based on the recipe used for BORG drinks:

  • A gallon jug of water is emptied enough to allow room for additional ingredients.
  • The desired amount of alcohol is added, usually vodka.
  • Flavor enhancers are added, typically packets of juice powder or flavored drops.
  • Electrolytes may also be added to reduce the risk of hangovers. Pedialyte is a prevalent electrolyte used in BORG drinks.

Recipes for BORG drinks are abundant online, and the high amount of alcohol called for is enough to cause drinkers to blackout or experience alcohol-induced rage, hence the term “blackout rage gallon.”

The Dangers of BORG Drinking

The viral videos of BORG drinking on social media have only added to the popularity of this fad. Sadly, many young people who participate in BORG drinking challenges do not realize how dangerous it can be. Here are a few things to consider regarding the dangers of BORG drinking:

  • The gallon-sized cocktails are usually intended for one person, leading to extremely high alcohol consumption.
  • Some online recipes for borg drinks call for a fifth of vodka, while others may suggest as much as half a gallon of vodka. This amount of alcohol consumed in one sitting can lead to alcohol poisoning and death.
  • Since electrolytes can be added for hangover prevention, many young people mistakenly believe that borg drinking is less risky. 
  • Some recipes use energy drinks, which can mask a person’s intoxication. Stimulants can keep a person alert and able to drink more than they would if they got drowsy or passed out from drinking.

BORG drinking has landed some college students in hospital emergency rooms, so this practice should not be viewed lightly or passed off as typical college partying. If you know someone who participates in BORG drinking, talk to them about the amount of alcohol they are adding to their gallon. They may not realize just how many servings of alcohol they are consuming since they are not having a single drink at a time. Awareness of this can be eye-opening and prevent unnecessary injury or fatality.

End BORG Drinking with Help from My 5 Palms

Trends come and go, but dangerous ones like BORG drinking can take the life of someone you love. At My 5 Palms, we understand that college students are excited to socialize with their peers, which can include drinking and experimenting with drugs. Our goal is to keep young people and their families informed of the dangers of substances, learn how to lower their risk of dependence, and help them overcome addiction if it sets in. To learn more about healing from addiction at our treatment facility, contact My 5 Palms today at 1.844.675.1022.

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