Entering Treatment During COVID-19: A Testimonial for Change

We understand the decision to seek out mental health or addiction treatment is already a difficult choice. You may think you aren’t ready, the time isn’t right or maybe you think you can get through your struggles alone. But COVID-19 may be playing a large role in keeping you or your loved one from getting the help they need. 

The unfortunate truth is that COVID-19 has impacted many areas of our lives, both mentally and physically. One of the largest areas of concern outside of the pandemic itself is the rise in addiction and overdose cases. Suddenly, even individuals who have been in recovery for years now find themselves isolated from their social support networks and overwhelmed by new stressors.

While it is entirely understandable to find yourself overwhelmed, anxious or even fearful about going into treatment, we want to help soothe some of those worries and get you the help you need. 

We had the honor of sitting down with one of our recent alumni to get some insight on their experience in our facility during the pandemic. 

  • Where did you receive your treatment? 

Promises Five Palms

  1. When was your admission date? 

June 22, 2020 

  • Did the pandemic affect your decision when you were researching going to treatment?  

The pandemic did not affect my decision when I was researching going to treatment. 

  • What were some aspects of your treatment experience that provided feelings of calm amidst COVID-19? 

Continuing to practice mindfulness every day helped bring a sense of calm during treatment. Additionally, the staff used safe practices to help decrease the risk of COVID exposure. 

  • What were some of the coping experiences and/or tools you learned during your time with us?

I learned quite a bit of the dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) framework and found it very beneficial. For me, grounding skills, radical acceptance, holding two emotions at the same time and accepting my emotions without trying to change them were huge. 

Some grounding skills that I found to be beneficial were deep-breathing (which really does work), 5,4,3,2,1 (finding 5 things I see, 4 things I hear, 3 things I can touch, 2 things I smell, and 1 thing I taste) and coloring/artwork.

Accepting my emotions without trying to change them has been extremely helpful, as I used to continually try to push my feelings down or try to change what they were.

I have also found the opposite action to help when I have urges to do things that would be harmful to my health (mentally, physically, or emotionally). The concept is simple in that I will do the opposite of the urge that I’m having. 

  • Did you feel that you were surrounded by practices and people that had your well-being in mind?

I do feel that I was surrounded by practices and people that had my well-being in mind. Throughout my time there, many changes took place due to COVID-19 precautions. 

Part of the time, while I was staying onsite in the residential program, the groups were virtual due to the clinical staff staying at home to decrease the risk of exposure. The team always did a great job of ensuring the safety and mental well-being of the clients. The staff ensured that I and the other clients still felt connected and had enough sessions/therapy/groups even when things went virtual. 

  • Why was it the right choice for you to come to treatment during COVID-19?

I was not doing well mentally, emotionally or behaviorally prior to going into treatment. Covid-19 precautions only allowed me to isolate myself further. Going in to residential treatment allowed me to get safe, supervised help that I so desperately needed. 

  • What would you say to someone that needs encouragement to go to treatment right now?  

It will never feel like the “right” time to go to treatment. There will always be excuses, things to wait for, and COVID-19 will not be ending any time soon. So, go now. Go for yourself. Go because things are not okay as they are. Go because you want things to be different. Going to treatment was the best thing that I have ever chosen to do and I was extremely glad that I decided to go. 

The decision to get help is a tough one. The longer you wait for the perfect time to arrive, the more likely you will fall deeper into the mental and emotional turbulence. There is no better time than now to begin your healing journey. 

For more information on how we are going above and beyond for you and your well-being, check out our COVID-19 precautionary measures. We are always here to have a conversation with you and work through what your best options for treatment are. Call us today at 1.844.675.1022 to speak with our admissions professionals.

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