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Addiction Treatment Programs: Our Continuum of Care

Everyone’s journey into substance abuse is unique, and the addiction treatment programs that are right for them are, too. What fits you best depends on many factors, including how long you’ve been living with addiction, whether you’ve tried other programs in the past, how much social support you have, and your budget considerations. Promises Five Palms offers a continuum of care no matter what your individual needs are. Our programs include residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. 

  • Residential Treatment – In a residential program, sometimes called inpatient treatment, patients are given round-the-clock support and care from medical and behavioral addiction experts. It’s generally the best option for people with severe or long-standing addictions or for those who’ve tried a less intensive program but decidedly need more structured treatment. The Promises Five Palms facility is an inviting, comfortable, and relaxing place to heal.

In the structured environment of a residential program, you’ll learn about tools to help you recover, and you’ll be able to practice using them in a safe, stable, and supported environment. You don’t have to rely on willpower alone. In a residential program, you’ll be surrounded by professionals, support staff, and fellow patients who understand your journey.  

Inpatient treatment also allows you the time and energy you need to focus on learning about yourself and your addiction as you practice your new recovery skills. While in treatment, you won’t need to divide your time between recovery work and everyday life. You’re also freed from having to think about transportation or the other logistics of an outpatient program. 

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – Receiving treatment through a PHP is a bit like going to work or school. Patients live at home but spend much time at the treatment center. 

Treatment in a PHP is extensive, high-quality care without the residential element of the program. A patient may choose a PHP for a variety of reasons. It’s a great option to receive help if they can’t spend an extended period away from their family, or perhaps it works out better financially. 

As with other non-residential programs, patients who attend a PHP can maintain a degree of family involvement during treatment. There’s a higher degree of supervision and support than through a traditional outpatient program. Also, because patients spend more time with practitioners than they would during less intensive outpatient treatment, practitioners can better understand individual needs and how to tailor programs to meet them.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – An IOP is similar to a PHP, but less time is involved. Three-hour sessions held three times a week is a common schedule. Patients who receive treatment through an IOP can often maintain their home, school, or work responsibilities. Research demonstrates that for most people who need treatment for addiction, an IOP is as effective as residential treatment.

Many patients like the idea of receiving treatment while still being immersed in their daily lives. There’s less of an adjustment when treatment ends because they face everyday stressors all along the way and practice skills in real-life situations. The same factors that make it convenient for the patients—close to home and flexible hours—make it convenient for family members, so it’s often easier to involve them in therapy.

The Five Palms intensive outpatient programs are comprehensive, offering assessment, planning, and individual, group, and family therapy. We’ll refer you to medical and other professional care if indicated, and we’ll help you find a support group. As with all Five Palms programs, you can stay connected through the Rooted Alumni network after treatment.

Sometimes, patients will choose to combine programs. They may begin with a stay in residential treatment, for example, then move to an IOP. Sometimes, patients will start with an IOP and then decide they need the structure and extra help of a residential program. Research on drug addiction treatment shows better outcomes with longer treatment times, and combining programs can sometimes help patients get the treatment they need within the constraints of their budgets and insurance considerations.

Five Palms’ multiple options provide patients with the ability to adjust as needs change or become more apparent. Our experienced professionals can help you determine which program might be the best fit for you at a given point in your journey.

What Does Addiction Treatment Include?

No matter which program you choose at Promises Five Palms, you’ll receive comprehensive treatment that includes a thorough assessment of your needs and an individualized plan to meet them. Treatment will generally include individual, group, and family or couples therapy. Treatment is likely to include the following:

  • Identifying sources of stress and learning healthy stress-reduction skills
  • Recognizing and addressing sources of trauma that may have an ongoing effect on your life 
  • Determining potential relapse triggers and making a plan to combat them
  • Developing the ability to ride out cravings
  • Learning to refuse drugs or alcohol in social situations
  • Rebuilding damaged relationships with family members and friends
  • Finding sources of healthy social support and building a new support system

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will likely be a significant part of your treatment journey. CBT is based on the truth that our thoughts affect our feelings, and our thoughts and feelings affect our behavior. In CBT, patients learn to identify thoughts that aren’t true or helpful and how to address, dismiss, or reframe them. 

Common thinking patterns CBT addresses include “all or nothing” thinking, overgeneralization, and catastrophizing, disqualifying positive and emotional reasoning. When addiction rehab programs include CBT, the therapy can help patients increase their motivation to stay in treatment, among other proven benefits.

Co-existing Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

It’s common for addiction to coexist with a mental health problem like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At least half, and maybe as many as three-quarters of people entering addiction treatment programs, may also have a mental health condition. 

When people experience both addiction and one or more mental health disorders, it’s known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring or comorbid conditions. Not surprisingly, people with dual diagnosis experience more challenges than people with only one condition do. These include higher rates of relapse, hospitalization, and incarceration. 

Sometimes, people begin abusing drugs or alcohol to self-medicate a mental health disorder. Sometimes, the disorder results from substance abuse. Sometimes, they exist independently of each other. Whatever the genesis of the addiction or the mental health condition, research shows that the best treatment outcomes are achieved when patients are treated for all conditions at the same time in a coordinated and integrated way. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that “Integrated treatment for comorbid drug use disorder and mental illness has been found to be consistently superior compared with separate treatment of each diagnosis.” Despite that fact, most addiction treatment facilities don’t offer integrated treatment. Only 18% of addiction treatment facilities and 9% of mental health treatment programs do. 

We Can Help You Find Your Path to Healing

At Promises Five Palms, we’ll help you identify any co-occurring disorders and get all the help you deserve. We know you have your unique mix of biological, psychological, and social influences, and we’ll help you determine which areas to address to find wholeness and health. We have a variety of compassionate and experienced practitioners with varied skills and training on our team, and they all want to see you succeed.

At Promises Five Palms, we understand how unique you are, and we want your treatment program to be just exactly what you need. We can tailor an individual program that’s just right for you. Whether it be for you or your loved one, Promises Five Palms is a trusted place to heal, recover, and grow. Call us today to find out more about our treatment options at 1.844.675.1022

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