Alcohol Treatment

Man thinking about the dangers of binge drinking

Dangers of Binge Drinking

It’s common for people to consume alcohol when they get together to enjoy each other’s company. However, some people go beyond having a glass of wine or two at dinner. They find themselves continuing to drink to excess, sometimes for hours. That leaves them vulnerable when it comes to their physical, mental, and emotional health. …

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Female nurse experiencing mental strain

Coping with COVID: Managing the Mental Strain

It’s no secret that the impact of COVID-19 has been significant, both to societies and individuals. We’ve had to adjust routines and expectations, take on new responsibilities, and manage stress caused by anxiety and isolation. Some people have had to face the death or serious illness of loved ones or manage their own physical symptoms. The …

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a woman struggles with alcohol and mental health issues

Does Alcohol Effect Anxiety and Depression?

People drink alcohol for many reasons, including consciously or unconsciously trying to address the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can work temporarily, which is why people continue to do it. Unfortunately, however, it can be counterproductive over time and leave people more anxious and depressed than before they began to drink.Learn more about co-occurring …

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